Philosophy R&J

Our goal is to be fair - with you, the environment, and ourselves.

The World of Roe & Joe

At Roe & Joe, our mission is to experience harmony and a balanced lifestyle. We want to share with you and your loved ones unique clothes with sustainable origin. Beauty, pure nature and close, empathetic relationships are values that drive us every single day.

The Circle of Roe & Joe

Our garments are made with love. Love for the future generations. For the planet, and its resources. For the skilled hands that make our clothes. And for you, your loved ones, friends, and family!

Traceability and transparency in how our products are made

We are a brand based in Warsaw, Poland, supporting our local communities. We handpick the atelier and the manufacturers we work with.

Strict criteria are applied for selection - fair wages, good working conditions. Thus creating a virtuous circle of trust by breaking the many stigmas associated with the production sector - opposing unfair practices and poor treatment of factory staff through our actions.

Roe & Joe is a #womanowned brand, founded by Karolina Jakimiak-Kwaśniewska. We are a team of women, working together to build a new, better future.


At Roe & Joe, we believe that quality is of utmost importance. We carefully choose every yarn, fabric, and trim that goes into our clothes. Our clients are testimony to the longevity of our garments.

Quality starts right at the design stage at Roe & Joe. Our fabrics are sourced within the EU. Carefully selecting our woven fabrics and knits by sourcing from textile producers who adhere to strict norms and certifications, such as GOTS, Oeko-tex, Ecovero.

Our vision is one of a better future. For you, for our future generations, for us all.


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