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Philosophy R&J

Our goal is to be fair - with ourselves , the environment and you.

We create clothes that are close to nature in a responsible manner. Out of concern for the common future and the environment, we share values that are important to us. We believe that by taking small steps we will make conscious and better choices. By building a transparent path of the production process, we make sure that it is consistent with our mission at every stage.


We sew in Poland, only in places we trust, supporting micro tailors and smaller sewing facilities. We oppose exploitation in the fashion sector because we do not want to contribute to the suffering and unfair treatment of employees in the garment industry. The shoes that you can find in our offer are made by a small, family company in Spain.


We would like the clothes to last as long as possible, not only until the third or fifth wash... We choose fabrics and knitted fabrics whose raw materials for yarn production come from ecological plantations, respecting certificates, i.e. GOTS, Oeko-tex, Ecovero. Our cotton knitwear is produced in Poland, and linen fabrics in Poland and Europe. Hygroscopicity and antiallergic properties of flax fibers will care for even the most demanding, sensitive and delicate skin of your child. By protecting the environment, we take care of your health, and we wrap you in the best woven fabrics and soft knitwear.


The swimwear in our summer collection is made of innovative knitwear obtained from recycled plastic bottles and used fishing nets. Our "Close to the nature" collection is made with 30% recycled thread - so 30% of everything is reused.

The buttons you will find in our products are of vegan and natural origin, and if they are dyed, then only in a natural way.

When buying our cotton "be aware" shopper bag, 100% of our income goes to The Ocean Clean Up foundation, which has been helping to clean the ocean of plastic for years. We try to make our actions have a real impact on the condition of the planet.

In our warehouse, from which we send orders every day, we do not use foil packaging that would be required when using external services of this type.

The tags sewn into our clothes are 100% cotton, and even biodegradable... The packaging in which we send your order is FSC certified, you will not find plastic foil inside. In addition, in our everyday office practice, we care about the environment by replacing unnecessary paper consumption with electronics.

Awareness and sustainable development.

We believe that Roe&Joe has a mission, the fulfillment of which is required not only by fashion, but most of all - future generations, who will be grateful for today's choices of their parents.


When you visit our SHOWROOM in the heart of Warsaw, you not only reduce the carbon footprint generated during online shopping, but when you buy from us on the spot, you get an A4 bag with the original Roe&Joe logo. And if you already have one and if you visit us... you will get a discount on purchases :).

We cooperate with multibrands from all over the world, sharing a responsible approach to fashion. In line with the idea of sustainable design, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint - Roe&Joe clothes can be bought in 30 stores.

Roe&Joe team


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